Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spotlight: What Should I Read Next?

A feature where I shine a figurative Spotlight on anything I can possibly talk about. Books, authors, shows, movies, you name it and I will offer my opinion on it.

Today, the spotlight will be on the totally frustrating What should I read next? I mean, don't you absolutely HATE it when you have no idea what to read next? You go back to your tiny bookshelf and try to reread a book but no, it doesn't cut it. Your fingers are itching to turn a page and your brain wanders around mindlessly to find a book to read. GAH!!! It's just not coming to you! 

Well, no worries, my friend! I introduce to you Yes, a website to help you get over your reader's block. (Seriously, who ever came up with this is a genius. And the logo is so pretty!). With just one click , all your "no book to read" days will be over. Yay!!!

It really does work and I'm so happy that I discovered it!!! Really. This makes my life a whole lot easier! :)



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