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My Review Policy

I am open to receiving books for review. I mostly read YA (and all sub-genres of YA) so I will only accept YA. I will try my best to finish your book as soon as possible, especially if there is a date you have in mind for my review. If you're inquiring about a series in which there are previous installments I have not read, please note that I will require all prior books as well. Another important thing to keep in my mind is that while I may accept your request, a review is not guaranteed. I will, however, let you know in that situation.

All reviews on Random Reads are completely and totally subjective. In no way will I be influenced into writing a positive review. I also do not receive any compensation for a review of a book.

I do have a rating system which I use to rate the books I read. The following offers a brief description of each rating.

This book was not my cup of tea. There were too many things that I couldn't overlook and in the end, it was unsatisfactory.
The book was all right, not especially amazing or bad. Just...decent.

This book is definitely worth a read. Maybe skimp out on the purchasing but a borrow is certainly in order!
 This book was great! There were a few things that didn't work for me but overall, it was amazing!
 This book was magnificent! Enjoyed it thoroughly!


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