Book Voyage is a feature inspired by Of Literature and Locations over at The Perpetual Page Turner! I love reading books set in foreign countries and cities I've never been to! The setting is always so much fun to read about, and in this feature, I highlight some of my favourite settings ever! I'll be showcasing these locations with books I have read and ones that are on my TBR list that take place in the country/city chosen, along with a slew of gorgeous pictures taken off the Internet.

Novel Roundup is where I very literally 'roundup' all the books that I haven't finished. Simple!

 Quote Madness is where I share my favourite quotes. This feature is inspired by So Quotable at So Obsessed With. I'll be sharing my favourite quotes from a selected book! 

Reflect & Renew is a monthly post, looking back at how the month went, in general and blogging terms. Another feature inspired by Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner (doesn't she just have the greatest features?), this time, Monthly Rewind. I'll be talking and reflecting on really anything that pops into my mind, anything that's worth noting, and renewing myself as I prepare for another month of blogging and life!

Seeing Double is my version of the numerous features out there for cover changes. I'm rather opinionated, you see, and any chance I can share my opinion, I take it. Cover changes just so happen to be one of my favourite chatting topics, and Seeing Double is a perfect tool to let me talk endlessly!

Spotlight is one of my favourite features! I highlight something bookish that I love and/or enjoy. **Please note I am not paid or bribed to feature items, all my Spotlights are all based on my own personal opinion.

Theme Song Thursday is a sporadic Thursday post here at Random Reads. I love music, and I love when people make playlists for books, because I love to listen to music while I read. Here, I share my picks you should listen to either during or after you read the chosen book. Generally, it's only one song, but perhaps one day I'm in the mood to shake things up and create an entire playlist!

*Credit for the cute little drawings seen on the graphics go to Alex MacDuff. I painted the doodles on Paint, and the graphics were made on PicMonkey!
I am also a participant in Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday (hosted by The Broke and Bookish and Breaking the Spine, respectively). Stay tuned for more posts there!