About Me

Hello, reader! My name is Annie and I am a teenager, currently residing in Canada. Though I won't lie, I'd much rather live in London. I started blogging in 2010 on a number of blogs that I've deserted by now. In August of 2012, I decided to jump back into blogging and thus, Random Reads was born.

Random Reads is defined as a "book blog" but once you stick around long enough, you'll realize it's really a mish mosh of all sorts of things. Music, movies, food - name anything and chances are, they'll make a cameo appearance on Random Reads. Because this is not just a book blog, it's a space for me to freely talk about my passions and hobbies (and occasionally my life, but trust me, it's not very interesting). It's a space for me to meet new people and get to know myself better too. But if you're looking for books, you'll definitely get that.

Reading has been a hobby of mine since I was very young. I have my parents and teachers to thank for that. It's very hard for me to describe what reading means to me but it's been a crutch for me to lean on through all the rough patches in my life. It's constant and I'm so grateful I have something like books. They always manage to cheer me up by sucking me into their magical world of anything's possible. And sometimes, I have a secret wish that I were a character in the book(especially if that book is Harry Potter - who doesn't want to be a wizard?). But until I develop a machine that helps me easily travel to the literary world as I please, I guess I'm stuck here.

Thankfully, I have tons of things to keep me occupied! Beside books, I have a secret passion for movies and TV! If you ever need someone to talk TV with you, I would be glad to lend an ear! I also really love tumblin' and you can check my tumblr out here. I'm a big fan of listening to music and fashion, though I wouldn't necessarily call myself stylish. I just like to spend a lot of time on Wanelo bookmarking all my favourite clothing items and admiring them.

You can often find me at my computer, typing out reviews, on my bed reading, or in front of the TV. I might also be sitting in one of the rows at the local bookstore, perusing books. Or holding a frappucino and a Mars bar. Laughing and talking exuberantly. Or maybe even falling down and apologizing profusely.

You can contact me at: