Friday, September 6, 2013

Novel Roundup (1)

Rounding up all those pesky little books I never finished!

With the end of For The Book Fanatic, I thought my blog sure could use a new feature. I stumbled upon some of my older notes regarding Random Reads and thought this would certainly make a great, fun feature! I don't DNF books often but when I do, I like to keep tabs on them in my little blogging notebook. Now, I can record them here and save space for other things in my notebook!

Since this is the first post of a feature I had ideas for for a long time, there will only be two books highlighted today! And on a separate note, if there is a book you think is worth another shot, I would love for you to let me know in the comments! :)

I really enjoy books set in a summer camp because it has always been my wish to go! And you know, whenever I can't do things, I tend to live vicariously through books. However, the camp in this book just didn't meet my standards! 

Now I know I haven't been to camp but I've read a lot of books set there and I have friends who go who talk about it so I think I have a pretty good idea of how it's like. And this one was nothing like anything I imagined sleepaway camp to be. They had an activity they did every day, every week. You can't pick two or three each night, you pick one at the beginning and you're stuck with it to the end. Like if you happen to choose something boring like studying different types of trees, that's too bad because you have to do it every day for hours without fail. But while I was looking to read this book for the camp, it wasn't why I stopped reading. After all, who says all camps have to be the same? 

No, the reason why I DNFed this book is because between the alternating perspectives of the three sisters and the same tone for each, it was getting a bit dull. And the boys they were all going on about? There wasn't much information about them so every time the sisters went on about their respective crush, I just wanted to scream shut up and give me some information on them. Besides what their hair color is. On another note, how do you expect me to swoon over a guy with WHITE hair? Uh, no.

Besides sleepaway camps, I also really like seeing history play a part in novels. And Cleopatra Confesses offered that. I remember reading one of those Princess Diaries (funny because this author actually wrote for that series) on Cleopatra and being absolutely hooked by her. She's definitely one of my favourite princesses, along with Anastasia of Russia. 

But when I started reading, I found myself losing interest rapidly. It wasn't anything in particular, just the book as a whole for some reason managed to come off as dull and stiff for me. 

So what do you guys think? Have you read any of these books? Are these worth another shot?


  1. I like this Novel Roundup post! It's like mini-reviews for books you DNFed, which I think are very helpful. It sucks that The Summer of Firsts and Lasts was a DNF because the premise sounds so good and summery! Although it IS really boring if "different" POVs all of the same voice/tone. As for Cleopatra Confesses, it's weird when a book just doesn't work out for you, isn't it? I'm sorry this one was unsuccessful! Great post, Annie. :)

  2. I think I might pick up Cleopatra Confesses again because I really am interested in learning more about her! And I found out that the author wrote one of my favourite Princess Diaries which makes me so much more eager to get back into it!