Saturday, September 21, 2013

Get This Book Now | Day 13

In honor of my Childhood Classics Read-a-Thon, here is one book I've read as a child that I LOVED!

Today is 'under-appreciated book' day and I have just the book in mind! It's by a Canadian author and it is definitely one of my FAVOURITE books of all time. I haven't read it in so long but it made such an impression on me that six years later, I'm still replaying the book in my mind.

Oy, I'm getting rather nostalgic now! This was one of the first books that taught me how influential words can be. Think about it, mere words on a page that can somehow lead to a myriad of emotions and thoughts. And Awake and Dreaming completely transcended my fourth-grade expectations and became this book that held so much meaning even then. 

And I know this probably isn't very convincing because I can't remember anything from the book except for what I felt after finishing but READ THIS. My love for this book is so vivid that I will not rest until you give this book a try. Seriously, I won't. So go run off to your bookstore/library and get this book now!

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