Friday, September 13, 2013

Just Go With The Flow | Day 12

Day 12 and we're all about the blogging fatigue today!

I don't know if you know but during the summer, I experienced some major blogging fatigue. After blogging for the majority of July, I felt EXHAUSTED. And I knew I needed to take a step back from it no matter how much I wanted to push through.

That's what I want to talk about today. Knowing when to stop. Stop feeling bad when you miss a post, stop thinking you HAVE to do this, stop making blogging feel less like a hobby and more like a duty. Because it isn't. I know there are many responsibilities some of you have to keep up - blog tours and ARC reviews, just to name a few - but when you're really getting sick and tired of blogging, I think it's important to forget about your commitments and take a step back. Because when you're going through blogging fatigue, you probably won't be churning out your best posts. And honestly, I think I'd rather have a few very good posts on my blog than many mediocre posts.

So if you ask me, the best way to cope with blogging fatigue is to just go with the flow. Acknowledge that you haven't been as into blogging as you were before and assure yourself that that's okay. It's normal not to be yippee-ki-yay about something all the time. Then, I'd suggest you take a BIG step back from blogging and just relax. Goodness, you've been sitting in that chair, typing your butt off FOREVER so it's about time you get a break. And those commitments? Forget about them. In the end, you run YOUR blog and no one will be upset if you say you're feeling a little down in the dumps... At least, I hope not! Like I said, it's hard to leave your blog but sometimes, it needs to be done. You can't go at it every day 24/7. It's just not possible so when the fatigue comes, step away from the computer and go do all the things you didn't do while all your energy was focused on blogging. Get outside and smell the flowers! Watch a movie.  Catch up on your favourite shows. Try on eyeliners at Sephora (that's what I do!). And when you feel re-energized, then you know you can return to blogging. 

So the next time blogging fatigue knocks at your door, remember this post. Remember that you need to rest sometimes. All I ask is that you try this once. If it doesn't work, fine. But if it does, congrats! You've found a fool-proof way to combat blogging fatigue head on.


  1. *hugs* I love this post! I haven't really experienced much fatigue yet, only stress. But I will be definitely remembering your post, if that time ever comes.

  2. THIS. I used to force myself to post daily but now even though I usually post daily because I have so many reviews to catch up on, if I really cannot churn out a new post, I don't force it and just take a break for that day. You will burn out eventually if you force yourself and no one wants that. Just do what you want and it's okay to take a break :) We all get tired sometimes.

  3. *hugs back* I've definitely felt more stress since starting school again and while it's not like fatigue, I have to keep in mind that the same thing can be applied to it. I love my blog but honestly, it's at the bottom of my priority list so even though it might pain me to do so, if I have to, I'll stop.

  4. Exactly! I wish I could post daily and I've tried but I know myself and I know that it'd be too much. So like you said, don't force it. I just post whenever something comes to me.

  5. I've definitely felt that blogging fatigue before. It's awful, but it's definitely something everyone goes through. It really felt like I had to stop blogging at a lot of points in my blogging life, but I really just needed a break! I love the Sephora eyeliner thing ;) Lovely post, Annie!

  6. It is awful but after experiencing it on and off for a while, I think I'm getting better at handling it. And I swear, going to Sephora always brightens my mood! :)