Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spotlight: Bloglovin'

A feature where I shine a figurative Spotlight on anything I can possibly talk about. Books, authors, shows, movies, you name it and I will offer my opinion on it.

Today, I'm talking about Bloglovin. I made a post earlier on the fact that Google Reader is disappearing forever, leading me to a search for my new substitute reader. It was too confusing to talk all about how great Bloglovin is on that post, so I made a new one to go along with it.

Bloglovin just so happened to be the reader I went with, and I'll tell you right now: I'm hooked. It even convinced me to let go of my email subscriptions to blogs, and you know how fiercely I hold onto those. Signing up for Bloglovin was easy peasy and right away, they asked me if I wanted to import my blogs from Reader. Yes, of course! If it doesn't pop up, simply go to your settings and at the bottom, there will be an option to do so. Anyway, in no less than five minutes, I had a new account ready to go!

Finding blogs on Bloglovin can be confusing. For some reason, the titles of the blog will not always provide a match when you search. You have to type in a phrase in the title to get the match. For example, when attempting to find Young Adult Anonymous, I had to type in "Young Adult" to get a result instead the blog name which provided me with no matches. Weird, huh? It gets a bit frustrating, but that's only one eensy con.

The second good thing about Bloglovin' is that when I click on a blog post, it sends me directly to the blog through Bloglovin'. So I can click this and that and surf the blog while still having the option to jump to the next post on my Unread list. Surprisingly, no lag problems! I can even comment on the blog I'm reading while still being on Bloglovin'. The only thing is that once I comment, I get redirected to the blog and then I have to make my way back to Bloglovin', which is annoying. 

On Bloglovin', you can actually claim your own blog and check out your Bloglovin' statistics. Putting your blog on Bloglovin' can actually increase your stats and readers as Bloglovin' provides the direct link to your blog. It's only one click away! 

Overall, I find myself really enjoying using this. So handy and fun! I would definitely recommend this! 

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