Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Best Of The Book Blogs

Since I did not do this at the slotted time, I will be doing this now. As part of the Book Blogger Love-a-Thon, we were given the option to do Mini Challenges. The first Mini Challenge was to construct a short(ish) list of three to five book bloggers that fit well in four different "Best..." themes.

Here are my picks!

Best Reviews: 

I love Khy's reviews because they're detailed and specific. And clear! After reading her reviews, I have an idea on if I should read ___ book. When I'm in reading trouble, I can always look to Khy for help!

The reason why I love Jamie's reviews so much is the layout! I love the way she groups her reviews and I can choose whether or not I want to read the whole thing, or just the Review On A Post-It, which is, by the way, a great idea! Especially for me, someone who doesn't like reading the entire review all the time.

Hello Chelly is a blog I have only found recently but have fell in love with. Rachel, like Jamie, also groups her reviews, though in a different way. The plus side of this is always that I can choose what to read. The reviews are simple and sweet. 

Best Discussion Posts: 

I think we can all agree that Jamie has awesome discussion posts. I love her wacky topics, like, remember that time she talked about her butt? But I totally understand her and I look forward to when she posts a discussion.

Well, The Broke and the Bookish do not do discussion posts often. However, I loved their A Cocktail and a Conversation feature and I wish they did more of them! They were so much fun to read through! 

Anything that is not a review counts as a discussion and boy, does Makeshift Bookmark have some good discussions! Jen and Carla make me actually LOL time and time again. I love them!

Best Layout: 

I love the greys and blues and the layout is so easy to use! I can find exactly what I am looking for in a matter of seconds! And I love the mermaid!

The color theme is gorgeous. I mean, turquoise and pink? LOVE. I love the way it looks against a white background. The fact that I know that everything is on the right makes for easy sailing on my part.

Since their makeover, Estelle and Magan's whole blog is a gorgeous, green wonderland. (I want Alex to redo my blog, too!)  It's so organized and I cannot remember a time where I was at a lost of where to find anything.

Best Theme: 

Friday Night Lights. And even though I have no idea what Friday Night Lights is about nor have I ever watched a single episode (was John Travolta in it?), this blog makes me want to, just so I can get in on all the  jokes and fun!

Music. If ever I'm searching for new music to listen to, or music to listen to while reading a certain book, I know I can look to Elena for help. Her blog is also absolutely gorgeous.

 Well, their blog doesn't really have a theme, but their background...Oh! The tree, the green, the stripes! Everything is gorgeous! I love it!

Board games and TV shows are a staple at Lisa Is Busy Nerding. I love the way she is able to juggle so many themes and I admire her for it.


  1. I love the layout in Rather be Reading and I agree that The Broke and the Bookish and Makeshift Jen have some of the best discussion posts. =)

    1. Yes, the layout for Rather Be Reading is totally gorg! I want it! :D

  2. I really need to check out all of these! They sound incredibly awesome :)

    Claire @ Project to be Read

  3. I totally share the same love for Perpetual Page-Turner. Jamie is awesome! And I also love Rather Be Reading. Totally going to check out some of the rest! :D Also, I love your random category!

  4. Rachel is one of my favorite people EVER and I love her blog. So glad that you found her and that you enjoy her blog as much as I do!

    1. I actually found Hello Chelly through your blog! She's become a staple in my daily book blog fix! :)

  5. I have to say that the blogs that I already follow on here are AMAZING and the others have been added to my reader! This is definitely the best part about this loveathon, I love how many new blogs I am finding!

    1. Agreed! I'm always searching for new blogs to read, and the Love-a-Thon makes it so easy for me to do so!

  6. For the blogs I am familiar with I whole-heartedly agree with you so I definitely have to check out the others. Probably one of my favorite discussions I've come across was on Makeshift Bookmark - All My Reviews Sound The Same (feat Jennifer Lawrence). I died laughing when I read this (the gifs were PERFECT for the post) and it hit too close to home since it was something I myself was worried about! Nice list!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

    1. OHMIGOD YES!!! How could I forget about that? Thank you for reminding me! That post was so eye-opening because I go through the same thing too! And the GIFs, yes, they were amazing and so hilarious. Thanks to Jen, I now spend every living breathing second on tumblr searching JLaw GIFs as well.

      And thank you so much for commenting! :)