Monday, February 25, 2013

Spotlight: The 2013 Oscars

A feature where I shine a figurative Spotlight on anything I can possibly talk about. Books, authors, shows, movies, you name it and I will offer my opinion on it.

Last night was the Oscars and I'm sure all of you woke up this morning with tidbits from last night's show screaming at you. For those who don't really care for the Oscars, you can rejoice! Oscar predictions will no longer fill up all that space in the Entertainment section. And for the film fanatics, there's always next year! But what about those that watch but aren't "fanatics"? I find there's always a middle ground, a gray area and I'm sure many who watched last night would consider themselves as part of this category. Because, let's be honest, you're really only rooting for the movies you've watched and don't tell me now that you've watched all of them. 

Out of all of the movies nominated, I watched one. And no, it was not Les Miserables, or Silver Linings Playbook, or Skyfall. Or really anything that got more than one nomination. It was Paranorman, people! Paranorman! And I KNEW that that Oscar was going to go to Brave. Knew it. Having not seen any of the other movies, I can't say that I particularly cared for last night. "Oooh, Jennifer Lawrence tripped while getting her Oscar? Really? Eh." Ohmigod, this is totally abnormal! This is news that Annie would call Breaking News, and all it gets is an eh? I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy last night's show. Everything was pretty much predicted pre-Oscar-night so no surprise there. Everyone knew Seth MacFarlane would be bad, everyone knew Argo would win for Best Picture, and I totally knew that Brave would win! Totally! 

Perhaps I should just stick with playing the role of Joan Rivers from "Fashion Police", but I can't even do that! Last night's fashion was terribly dull. No stand-outs and no complete duds. However, Naomi Watts did look absolutely gorgeous in her metallic dress. Brava for making the E! Red Carpet so much more interesting to watch. So all in all, the Oscars last night wasn't particularly exciting...or good. The "All That Jazz" number was a refresher because I totally didn't expect it. Though I did feel a bit awkward watching Catherine Zeta-Jones doing a burlesque scene. The Les Miserables number was quite good too but I was yearning for more Anne! Anne because I totally missed out on the movie!

Most of the wins were quite obvious, and Seth MacFarlane was quite bad. Not TERRIBLE, but bad enough to result in me pitying him. Oh well. If you would like details on just HOW bad, here are some articles I found quite endearing. And helpful. 


  1. Hi Annie! It's Nicole from Umbrella Dreams! Sorry about the late reply; I've completely lost track of time and with all the tests at school, I haven't been checking up on my blog comments as often as I should. Nonetheless, I want to thank you so much for the comments! They've encouraged Sarah and I to keep our blog running. About how to make the blog template, it's really all trial and error. I mainly searched things up on Google about how to customize a blogger template. I also simply started on the header, as it seems the easiest. Once again, I want to thank you for all the comments on Umbrella Dreams!

    Also, great post on the Oscars! I haven't watched it myself (too much homework and tests) but your post was really interesting to read. I must look for more recaps of the Oscars now.

    -Niki at Umbrella Dreams

    1. Thank you for the advice! I'm thinking of changing up my blog as well. And you are very welcome; I love you blog, how can I not comment? Thank you so much for stopping by! :)