Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Book Blog/Love-a-Thon Reflection

Sooo...It has been a long day and I haven't even stayed up for the entire Love-a-Thon. I just feel like I've done so much! Never in the life of my book blog have I posted so many times in a day! It feels amazing and I am so happy I participated. And even though, I didn't stay up for the entire thing, I caught up on all the Mini Challenges and I was able to comment and discover some awesome blogs. 

This is why the Book Blogger Love-a-Thon is officially at the top of my "Best Blogging Moments". I've met so many new people and I've found blogs I wouldn't have discovered had it not been for this Love-a-Thon. Thank you, Alexa and Kate, for making this event so much fun to participate in! I really wish I were able to stay up for the entire 24 hours, but I am so tired. I'm not even sure if what I'm writing now makes sense.

I'm pretty new at the blogging game and I can't think of many exciting moments during the six months I've been here. I remember being excited when I released my first post, my first meme, my first discussion, my first feature. I remember being so happy when two wonderful people decided to follow me and when I got teamed up with a blogger I have admired for a very long time for the Love-a-Thon. I've read some pretty awesome blogs and am still finding more. I am so grateful for the chance to be here and to be able to blog. I truly expected it to be harder to settle down, but it wasn't at all. This is why I love book blogging. Because of the people (well, yeah, and the books). The people are so amazingly nice and wonderful and hilarious and so kind. Without them, book blogging would be a bore. So thank you! Thank you for making my experience so wonderful. 

Love, Annie


  1. You did pressure to stay up the whole time, right? Glad you enjoyed yourself so much!


    1. Especially not when I'm so exhausted! Thank you for commenting, and making my experience a whole lot brighter! Good night! :)