Friday, September 21, 2012

Any Suggestions?

OK, so I'm in kind of a pickle here.
My friend is having her bat mitzvah and I have NO IDEA what to get her!
Actually, I figured out that I would get her a book but I really have no idea which book to get.
So I figured that some of you who read my blog could help?

Here's a list of books she has read (and loved):

-The Percy Jackson Series
-The Heroes of Olympus (But don't suggest The Mark of Athena)
- The Fault in Our Stars
-The Truth About Forever
-Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
-The Pretty Little Liars Series (Except don't suggest Burned either)
- A Mango Shaped Space and The Candymakers
- The Harry Potter Series
- The Hunger Games
- The History of Love
-The Book Thief

Any suggestions?

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