Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Err...I Don't Have Any Friends | Day 3

Day 3 of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - these days are passing by fast!

Today's question is: who are your blogging BFFs? Well, ain't this a bit awkward for me? Truth is, there isn't any blogger who I know really well. And that probably stems from the fact that I don't spend as much time interacting with other bloggers as I want to. Look, I'm not opposed to commenting; it's just that, I'm bit of a lazy bum. And especially when school comes around, I think about all that homework I have to do and my blogging duties and I'm like, UGH. So yeah, I'm not a big commenter. And that's pretty much the main way you get to meet people around here (or so I've read). 

But now it's summer and I don't have to go to school anymore. I'm really trying to make good use of my free time. I'm doing a lot more blogging and I'm commenting a lot more. And I'm getting to know some of my favourite bloggers better and you know what? They're not as scary and intimidating as I thought they were. I mean, they still are but now that I have actually TALKED to them, it's like, cool you're an actual person. 

Sometimes, I still get a bit self-concious and I re-edit my comments/tweets like ten thousand times but hey, at least I'm talking, right? And that's a huge accomplishment for someone who at the very core is shy and EXTREMELY nervous. I'm used to always having a solid group of friends and now, here I am in the blogosphere not knowing anyone. And that's actually terrifying for me. Because there's this one part of me who loves meeting people and is all 'YAY, LET'S GO TALK TO BLOGGERS!' but then the other half is like 'Slow down, honey. No one's going to like you.' There's always this tug-of-war between the two sides and I'm never sure what to do. Though I can say that up until now I ended up shutting my mouth more often than not. Just sometimes you can't help it, you know? 

With this summer though, I've really tried pushing my boundaries. I'm really trying to open up to more people. Because I want to change my attitude but also because I am selfish and I want more friends. But in my defense, every single time a blogger is asked their favourite part about blogging the answer is near always the community. And I love that other bloggers are having a blast fraternizing with everyone but when I read it, it's a bit like, oh. Because I hadn't really talked to anyone. And only now am I realizing what I'm missing out on and it's a shame I didn't realize it until eleven months into blogging. 

Well, that's my little sob story. I'm sorry for hanging all that out there because I'm never comfortable with talking about my feelings but I just needed to let it out. Sometimes, talking is the best way to resolve your problems...and remind yourself how ridiculous you sound. Anyway, now that I'm trying to be more social, are there any friend applications? The apply-to-be-Annie's-friend office is now open. Just kidding, it's never that easy. 


  1. Wait, where do we drop applications? What's required? Do we get bonus points for doodling on our resumes?

    I totally get you. I interact with tons of bloggers through comments on my blogs (and do my best to interact with visitors through their blogs as well). But, that's it. I barely use Twitter, and when I do it tends to be communicating with the same people. Beyond the basic silliness on Twitter and interaction through comments though? Nothing. I only have one blogging friend who I would actually consider a friend friend that I know things about and constantly email, but that's it.

    It's just hard! It's takes time and energy and putting yourself out there and eek! If you ever want to talk about anything, blogging, reading, and otherwise, feel free to Tweet me or shoot me an email. I promise I won't bite, and I know sometimes it's good to just have someone there to talk to when needed. Either way, I'm happy you at least wrote this post. It's hard to put your feelings out there, but can make all the difference. <3

  2. Hahaha, yes, you definitely get bonus points for doodling on your resumes. Ten extra points if it's in blue gel pen!

    Thank you for your offer! That means so much to me and I'll definitely be taking you up on that in the future! And I agree, it is nice to have someone to talk to. Especially when you're new to blogging and everything seems so foreign!

    Again, thank you, Asti! That totally made my day! :)))))))

  3. I'LL BE YOUR FRIEND! (says the creepy stalker). Seriously, though, I definitely get what you mean with the whole interaction thing. I'm a fairly lazy person as well (high five) and usually I don't have much time to comment on blogs and things (uni gets really busy). But book bloggers in general are pretty nice people, so there's definitely no need to ever feel awkward or intimidated. And ditto Asti: if you ever feel like chatting, feel free to Tweet/email/whatever :)

  4. When I first started out, I was so scared of talking to other bloggers and at the same time, I was wondering why the heck weren't people reading my blog and now that I've actually started interacting with other bloggers, I've built up my confidence (and yeah, my pageviews too!).

    And like what I said to Asti, I will certainly take you up on your offer!

  5. Chloe (YA Booklover Blog)Thursday, July 25, 2013

    Hey Annie! Well seeing as we are both Canadian teenagers who enjoy reading and chocolate, what's stopping us?? I'd love to be your blogging friend! Actually, I've been blogging for almost 3 years now and I have to say up until, like, last January I really didn't have any good blogging friends. That's changed, and now I find blogging so much more fun because I have more friends in the community!

  6. Every blogger talks about how much fun they think the community is so I guess it was just a matter of time when I got off my bum and started talking to people! And go Canadians (and bloggers and teenagers and possibly Torontonians? I recall we had a conversation about the Leafs and I'm not sure...)!

  7. Aw! *hugs* This was me up until last December; I chatted with other bloggers but never got really close to any of them. Making friends really is difficult, even in this community in which everyone is incredibly nice, and it didn't help that I was fifteen and most of the blogs I liked were run by adults. Sometimes, I wish there WAS a friend application office. It would make life so much easier.

    Commenting is a good way to get closer to people though (I'm trying to leave more, as you may be able to tell by the fact that I'm spamming your blog with them), as is twitter, the place where I met my two closest blogging friends. I'm frequently on that site, and I would love to talk to you!

    Above all else, think about how YOU would feel if someone was talking to you the way you talk to others. Chances are, they will be excited you are reaching out, not annoyed. I have the same insecurities and have been known to think about a response for 15 minutes, editing it repeatedly, but I just tell myself that our community is amazingly welcoming and no one will judge me for trying to chat. And best of all, we all have a common ground that can always provide quality, non-awkward conversations: books!

    Good luck in meeting some nice bloggers! I would always love to talk, and I am sure many others would as well.

  8. That's a great piece of advice! Thanks Emily!

    When I first started out, all the blogs I knew were run by adults and so I never really felt comfortable chatting with them. But I've discovered so many more blogs run by teens and it's just much easier to chat with people closer to my age.

    Thanks again! xxx

  9. That's a great piece of advice, Emily! When I first started out, all the blogs I knew were run by adults so I never really felt comfortable chatting with them. But I've since discovered so many more blogs run by teens and it's just much easier, I've found, to chat with people closer to my age. Thanks again! xxx

    (Err...Disqus seems to be glitching so I'm posting this again because it's not showing up. It's still in my Blogger records though. Huh. Sorry if this is inconvenient!)