Monday, July 22, 2013

I Am A Bedtime Reader | Day 2

It is Day 2 of the Book Blogger Challenge which means today we're talking about our bedtime reading rituals! 

Truth: I am a huge bedtime reader. Especially when school starts, before bed is usually the only time I have to read in peace. The first thing I do in preparation of crawling into my bed is changing into my pajamas. 

Then, I walk over to the bathroom and do the whole face-washing-and-teeth-brushing routine. During this time, I'll probably have my iPod blasting out Phoenix. And this is because: {a} they are upbeat enough for me to have a good time while going through my routine (because I absolutely despise washing up), {b} I totally have no idea what they're going on about half the time so chances of me singing along are reduced by, like, 30% and {c} they're just mellow enough for me to be able to switch to my quiet bed mode. 

After I've finished my little Phoenix jam fest in my bathroom, I head straight to my bedroom where a pleasant stack of books are already waiting for me! Before I do any reading though, I have to adjust the pillow and the bedding to make sure I am in the most comfortable position. And then I prop myself up with my elbows and I start reading! 

Usually, I read for at least an hour but sometimes, if the book is REALLY good, I read up to an hour and a half. I never like to read for too long because my eyes are getting really terrible and I don't want to make them worse. 

And that's pretty much my bedtime routine!


  1. Sounds like a cozy routine. I like that you listen to music you can't sing along to while brushing your teeth and stuff, lol. AND I think it's great that you listen to music that motivates you to do it, even though you don't even like the whole washing-up routine! You seem like a smart girl. :)

  2. Yeah, I'm a really lazy person but after my disastrous set of baby teeth, I'm taking efforts to make sure I'm keeping my adult teeth healthy. I don't want to end up wearing dentures at thirty!