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Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky

Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky
Anatomy #1
Published by Delacorte Books for Young Readers; January 9, 2007
Hardcover, 272 pages
Received from the author - thanks!

Before this all happened, the closest I'd ever come to getting physical with a guy was playing the board game Operation. Okay, so maybe that sounds pathetic, but it's not like there were any guys at my high school who I cared to share more than three words with, let alone my body.

Then I met Wes, a track star senior from across town. Maybe it was his soulful blue eyes, or maybe my hormones just started raging. Either way, I was hooked. And after a while, he was too. I couldn't believe how intense my feelings became, or the fact that I was seeing—and touching—parts of the body I'd only read about in my Gray's Anatomy textbook. You could say Wes and I experienced a lot of firsts together that spring. It was scary. It was fun. It was love.

And then came the fall.

- Description from Goodreads.com

This book was definitely worth the read! I was a bit hesitant at first because of the sex scenes but in truth, they didn't even bug me that much. Okay fine, a little bit but not as much as I had anticipated.

The story with Anatomy of a Boyfriend is really quite simple and straightforward: two teens meet and fall in love. There are no confusing sub-plots to take away from the main story and I loved that! Often, books are so layered with storylines that it just feels too heavy. I liked how this book was stripped of all that, choosing only to focus on the main idea of the story which is a teenage relationship. Because of this, the ups and downs of the relationship really shone through and made it seem that much more realistic.

Now onto the sex. Honestly, I thought all the scenes were very tastefully done and not at all overdone. You know how authors tend to overwrite when it comes to scenes like these? That simply wasn't the case here and thank goodness for that! I loved how both Dom and Wes were realistically naive when it came to sex and you could see that inexperience shine through some of the first scenes. The sex scenes also didn't feel superfluous, like filler. It definitely fit with the story.

The only thing I have some beef with is that Wes' character wasn't very...defined. It was hard to identify who he was at times in the book. What I did like about Wes is that he wasn't the womanizer or playboy you see when you meet books with heavier sex themes. He was simply an average Joe who didn't mean any harm.

And finally, the ending. Um, can I get some more of Calvin please? Now there's a guy who I like! But good on Daria's part to not have Dom jump at Calvin immediately. Again, being realistic. But I would really like to see them get together. Perhaps in the next book?

Overall, I thought this was a great book. Wes and Dom's relationship was great to read about and I thought it was very realistic (though I probably said that around fifty times so far so I doubt I need to repeat myself). Finally, a book that portrays teen relationships accurately! :)

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