Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Sarah Dessen Book Challenge

Yes, you thought I was gone, didn't you? Well, I'm back!!! I've been on Ginger Reads lately and I noticed this.

Do you see that? See the words in blue? A Sarah Dessen Book Challenge! How awesome is that? So naturally, I'd scroll down and click on this link.

And what did I find? The sign up post for the Sarah Dessen Book Challenge! And so I signed up and I suggest you do as well! Sarah Dessen is awesome and I love her! Getting a chance to read her books while chatting with others about them is amazing! So much fun!

The Deets:

1. The Sarah Dessen Book Challenge is hosted by I Eat Words.
2. Starting in February, a Sarah Dessen book will be read each month for the rest of the year!
3. No rules, no prizes, just fun! 

And here is the book list:

February: Just Listen
March: This Lullaby
April: Dreamland
May: The Truth About Forever
June: The Moon and More
July: That Summer
August: Along for the Ride
September: Someone Like You
October: Keeping the Moon
November: What Happened to Goodbye
December: Lock and Key

So if you are interested, head over to I Eat Words to sign up! Happy Reading! :)


  1. That's an awesome challenge! Two of my favourite books are Sarah Dessen. Have fun!

  2. Sarah Dessen is my favorite author EVER, so I'm definitely going to be participating in this! I can't wait to chat about her books with everyone else. :)

  3. Me too! I've only read The Truth About Forever but I fell in love with it! It was amazing and I'm so excited to read all her other books...especially The Moon and More! :)