Friday, August 9, 2013

In Which I Talk About How I Choose My Next Read | Day 10

Five more days left! I'm getting a bit teary-eyed, guys!

I thought it would be easiest to demonstrate how I choose which books to read next in a few different scenarios.

Scenario 1
It's after school/after the orthodontist appointment/the afternoon and Annie decides to stop by at a library. Walking in, she smiles at the familiarity of being in a library once again. She makes a beeline for the teen section and quickly scans all the titles twice, picking out a few books here and there that interest her. And then it's straight to the magazine section for Annie. She especially likes Teen Vogue and Seventeen but if the occasional Girl's Life pops up, she'll pick it up too. After she's gotten her books and magazines, Annie does a round in the library looking for other books that she might want to check out. Once she's pretty sure she's covered most of the library and if there are more than three books in her hands, Annie sits down and starts methodically weeding out her books depending on level of interest. But she keeps all the magazines. And then she goes home and reads all her new books (and mags).

Scenario 2
Annie is venturing back to her favourite place in the world, the Canadian version of Times-Square and as always, stops by one of the three book stores there. The first stop she makes inside the store is the Electronics section where she scopes out amazing but cheap e-Readers she can maybe convince her parents to buy. And then it's up to the teen/middle grade/humor section! Annie spends quite a while in there, keeping an eye out for books she's seen reviewed or featured. Sometimes, she'll notice a book that she remembers was a hit amongst the bloggers and scream because now that she's seen it, she HAS to get it. Can she take it home already? It's so shiny and beautiful. So Annie hugs it to her chest as she looks around but to be honest, her business is done for the day. As she makes her way back to the stairs, she stops by at some of the displays the workers have organized and then of course, at the Starbucks tucked cozily in the corner of the store. But usually if she's not with someone, she refrains from buying anything there so reluctantly, Annie makes her way back down the stairs. Downstairs, she checks the magazine aisle so she can flip through some of the spreads that interest her (usually the ones that Taylor Swift, Emma Watson et al are in). Annie doesn't buy magazines from bookstores because she already gets subscriptions to the ones she's interested in. And hey, why would she want to read Cosmopolitan if Taylor Swift isn't on the cover? Once she feels she's done with the magazines, Annie starts to make her way to the awesome home d├ęcor items they have in the bookstore and then to the notebooks and finally to the cute trinkets by the checkout where she waits to pay for her NEW BOOK! And once she's done so, she goes home and reads.

Scenario 3
Annie's flipping through Goodreads as she does often. Today though, she sees a book that screams at her to get it. Annie thinks back and remembers how long she's wanted to read that book…and that's all it takes before she's putting it on hold at her library. And then it arrives at the library and Annie runs home to read it.

Scenario 4
Ahhh. There's nothing like cracking open a new book that gets Annie excited. But…darn! She has a book for review that she REALLY needs to get started on. So unfortunately, it's bye-bye to Twilight until Annie sorts out her responsibilities. And then of course, Annie gets started on the book for review.

And that is how I choose which book to read next. Hopefully, this helped! :)


  1. Ahh...lucky you your library is great and well stoked. Mine sucks cause it doesn't have foreign books and the collection isn't that big :( *sighs* And bookstores aren't that good either. I will try to survive though. :/

    And seriously, I agree. Goodreads is a very good site and I can't help to squeal whenever I see a book (and see the cover and the blurb) and it's as if calling me to go read it and I'm probably making no sense with this extremely long sentence that you might get lost in the middle lol. Unfortunately Goodreads is also like the reason I keep wanting to read so many books and possible most of them won't be released here.

  2. That sucks! :( I know what it feels like after my vacation in China last year. Where are all the books? Hopefully, you'll get to some of the books you want to read!

  3. I don't really have nice libraries available anywhere near where I live. So when it comes to choosing books, I'm a little bit more wary. I don't frequent bookstores often, so not much book-buying.

    Most of the books I read these days are eARCs, or even books I borrowed from friends.

  4. I get most of my books from my library so I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't live near good libraries. I'm not a big book buyer either and borrowing from friends is always a good idea! :)